Original Moon Lamp

Original Moon Lamp

Original Moon Lamp

A Light to You In Dark Places

All of us share the same moon and sky, and this limited-edition Moon Lamp is a gentle reminder of that. We hope that you will always remember the comfort of light and the need of darkness, As there's no light without dark

Spread Your Light

Soak in the Moon Lamp's radiance and give in to your senses. Moon-shaped lamp mounted on a hardwood base; may serve as a nightlight, table lamp, or decorative piece. With the help of the Moon Lamp, every room may become a peaceful haven in space.

Moon Lamp Features

• Large 8 Inches in diameter

• 16 Colors: Conveniently change the Moon Lamp

between 16 different colors to reflect your mood

and transform your space.

• Remote Control: Effortlessly operate the 3D

Moon Lamp by remote control to switch between

colors and the various light settings.

• USB Rechargeable: Recharge the table lamp

with the USB charging cable which connects to

any micro-USB adapter.

• 3D Print Technology: Each lamp takes 26 hours to individually 3D print. 

Every crater has been carefully designed to reflect the moon's surface using real satellite imaging.

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