Levitating Saturn Moon Lamp

Levitating Saturn Moon Lamp

Levitating Saturn Moon Lamp

A Light to You In Dark Places

This Levitating Saturn Moon Lamp is a gentle reminder that we share a common night sky, as it floats freely in the air . We wish that whenever you or someone you care about sees this light, you'll keep in mind that we cannot experience the comfort of light without the sorrow of darkness.

spread Your Light

Soak in the Saturn Moon Lamp's radiance and give in to your senses. A magnetic hardwood base keeps this heavenly vision in free floating motion, creating a magical focal point for any room. Ideal for use as a bedside lamp, night light, or decorative piece. The Saturn Moon Lamp will transform your house to a spaceship.

Levitating Saturn Moon Lamp Features

• Levitation: Watch in awe as the swirling sphere floats in mid-air. Our magnetic technology is a wonder to behold, and a sure to impress any guest in your home.

• Silent, Endless Floating: The Levitating Moon Lamp is designed to levitate completely silently 24/7. Simply lower the sphere onto the

 base it until you feel an upward repulsion force.

• Wireless Technology: The Levitating Moon Lamp uses wireless 

technology so it can be lit up even while levitating! The touch control 

base allows you to turn it on and off with a simple TAP.

Lamp Size

-Diameter: 17cm

-Suspension Distance: 15mm

-Base Size: 13.4x13.4x2.8

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