Anti-Sweat Armpit Care Pads

Anti-Sweat Armpit Care Pads

Anti-Sweat Armpit Care Pads
50 pieces (25 pairs)

If you sweat excessively, you may be all too familiar with the problem of sweaty armpits. As if the embarrassment weren't bad enough, it also leaves humiliating stains on garments and promotes unpleasant body odor. These anti-perspirant pads are made to soak up moisture and prevent embarrassing stains.

Lightweight, compact, and sanitary, anti-perspirant armpit pads are the ideal travel companion.

Keep the underarm area of your favorite clothes stain-free with the help of Anti-Sweat Armpit Care Pads.

Gender: Unisex
Material: non-woven fabrics, air-laid paper
Size: 95mm x 120mm
Thickness: about 2mm
Weight: about 2.3G per piece
Water absorption ability per piece: ≥15ml

Package Includes: 50 Pieces (25 Pairs)

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